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  • How far away is Hilton Head or Savannah or Charleston from Newpoint?
     Hilton head is just over 44 miles.
     To Savannah, it's  about 51 miles to Bay St.
      It is 74 miles to Meeting St. in Charleston.
  • How old are the homes in Newpoint?
    Although the homes in Newpoint look as if they were built many years ago. Newpoint was actually started in 1992. (see the "About Us" page) We only have 11 vacant lots at this time. All the homes have been built at different times over the years.
  • I've seen people walking and jogging, what are the distances?
    If you take the outside route(the alleys) and include the walk at the river front, it's about 1.1 miles. If you stay on the inside "circle" streets, it's about .8 miles
  • Is Newpoint in Beaufort's city limits?
    Beaufort's city limits do extend across the swing bridge and down Sea Island Pkwy (U.S. Hwy 21) as far east as Distant Island. The majority of Lady's Island is not in the city of Beaufort and that includes Newpoint. We don't pay city taxes.
  • What school district is Newpoint in?
    We are in the Beaufort Co. School District. Coosa Elementary has grades pre-K through 5th,  Ladys Island Middle is grades 6th through 8th, and Beaufort High is 9th through 12th.
    There are several private schools near by. Beaufort Academy is pre-K through 12th. St. Peters is K through 8th. Also you will find E C  Montessori and Sea Island Presbyterian Day School for age 2 through kindergarten.
  • Why is it requested that all parking be on the same side of the street?
    The LI-SH Fire Chief has said that because our streets are so narrow, it would be difficult if not impossible for emergency vehicles to weave in and out parked cars to reach an emergency location.