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Vote for Hunting Island State Park!
Dear Friends; Coca-Cola is conducting a contest in which the (3) most popular parks nation-wide will receive $175,000 each. The top three are determined by a popular vote. We need your help to vault our favorite park—Hunting Island, of course—into contention. Right now, we are knocking on the door to crack the top 60—that’s out of all the parks in the country. You can vote as often as you like, follow these steps:
(1) Go here: You should see a map with a bunch of blue markers. Enter “Hunting Island State Park” into the “Search for a Park” blank above the map.
(2) After about Huntin…you will see a menu drop down where you can click on the full, proper name for Hunting Island, then hit the red “Go” button to the right.
(3) A pink pin appears at the approximate location for Hunting Island, click on it.
(4) A box appears offering a tab, “Vote for this Park”, click the vote tab.
(5) You now have to fill out a string of letters and/or numbers (which verifies you are human, not some bot doing unlimited voting). Fill those in, my experience is the letters are all upper case (so make them capital). If you’ve filled it out correctly (it’s small, be careful), a new box will appear that says, “Thank you for voting”.
(6) Hit Close, go back to the map and click on the pink pin again, again, again, again—you can vote as often as you have time.