• chevron_rightWhat are those flags on some of the trees?
    There are always a lot of questions surrounding the tree flagging that property surveyors perform when they do a Tree & Topo for a lot prior to construction. In the initial tree & topo the "Benchmark Tree" will be marked with multiple colored flagging tape, one of which is usually pink. This Benchmark Tree has an elevation nail near the base and a surveyor's stake attached to the tree which has the elevation above sea-level at the nail written on it. 
    Most times it appears that every tree is flagged and the predominant thought is that they are earmarked for removal. That is not the case. The surveyors job is to pinpoint the location of every tree over 6-inches in diameter. They also measure the tree diameter and site the tree's location on the property. After all these measurements are taken and the tree is plotted, the surveyor uses flagging tape to mark the tree so that they know its data has been stored and they do not mistakenly mar it again. They use any color tape that they have available to them; at this stage the color has no indicator qualities. Topographical lines are added and the final product is a Tree & Topo that an architect can begin to site a house on and figure out the water run-off needs.
    There is usually a fairly long time-gap between this process and the actual lot clearing as design work can be time consuming. It is only after all design work has been completed and approved by all entities and all permits are in place that the builder comes back and marks the trees that have been approved for removal for the house footprint and any out buildings. This time the color is important as one color will be used for the trees to be removed.
    Preservation Tree, LLC
    Michael P. Murphy, Board Certified Master Arborist, NJ-0146B
  • chevron_rightWhere are the recycling centers and what can I recycle there?
    For complete information regarding locations of convenience (recycling) centers and what can and cannot be disposed of there, please click here.
  • chevron_rightHow old are the homes in Newpoint?
    The homes in Newpoint are notable for their expansive front porches.
    Although the homes in Newpoint look as if they were built many years ago, the development was begun in 1991.
    Newpoint was modeled after the Point neighborhood of historic downtown Beaufort. Houses with welcoming front porches and understated Southern charm invite residents to get out of the car and experience the town on foot.
    It is this combination of architectural style and pedestrian orientation which makes towns like Charleston, Savannah, and Beaufort so enticing to visitors.
    As in the historic Point, homes in Newpoint sit on smaller lots, which contribute to a welcoming sense of community. The historically inspired homes are located on curvilinear tree-lined streets.
  • chevron_rightIs Newpoint within the Beaufort city limits?
    Beaufort's city limits extend across the swing bridge (Woods Memorial Bridge) and down Sea Island Pkwy (U.S. Hwy 21) as far east as Distant Island. The majority of Lady's Island, including Newpoint, is not in the City of Beaufort and Newpoint residents do not pay city taxes.
  • chevron_rightIn which school district is Newpoint located?
    Newpoint is in the Beaufort County School District. Coosa Elementary has grades pre-K through 5th.  Lady's Island Middle School is grades 6 through 8, and Beaufort High School is 9th through 12th grades.
    There are several private schools near Newpoint. Beaufort Academy admits students pre-K through 12th grade. St. Peter's Catholic School enrolls 3 year olds through 6th grade. Sea Island Presbyterian Day School admits students ages 16 months to pre-K.
  • chevron_rightHow far away is Newpoint from Hilton Head, Savannah and Charleston?
    • Hilton Head Island is about 38 miles
    • Savannah is about 50 miles
    • Charleston is about 74 miles
  • chevron_rightI've seen people walking and jogging in Newpoint. What are the distances?
    Newpoint residents of all ages enjoy walking and biking throughout the community.If you take the outside route (the alleys behind the homes) and include the walk across the common area bordering Factory Creek, it's about 1.1 miles. If you stay on the sidewalks circling the community, it's about .8 miles.
  • chevron_rightIs on-street parking permitted in Newpoint?
    Yes, for short periods of time for loading and unloading as well as to accommodate guests. But remember: Newpoint is designed with an emphasis on people rather than automobiles. Our streets are narrow to encourage a sense of community. We also have sidewalks on both sides of our streets. 
    Garages and driveways are oriented to the rear of the properties, minimizing the intrusion of cars while people are walking, biking and jogging. We encourage residents to park their cars in their driveway or behind their home whenever possible and require them to do so overnight.
    Aesthetics aside, there is a safety factor. Because the streets are narrow, the Lady's Island-Saint Helena Fire Department said it is safer for emergency vehicles to travel the streets without the impediment of parked cars.