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This Is How We Celebrate
Newpoint is a welcoming community grounded in community and tradition.
Familiar Porch Is Now Famous
A familiar Newpoint front porch earned a prominent spot in an article on lowcountry life.
Cathy and Kip Leming's home is showcased in Lowcountry Life: Southern Porches Serve Many Purposes on Eat Sleep Play Beaufort.
"I confess to being ridiculously pleased about this," Cathy said.
Way to go, Lemings. And way to go, Newpoint.
Newpoint Resident Really Rocks
Bassist Kip Leming is still performing. Newpoint's Kip Leming is "Still Rocking & Rolling," according to a cover story in Beaufort Lifestyle. The article digs into Leming's early career as a bass player in a rock and roll band and also explores his love of cars, which led him to a long career as a service technician with Mercedes-Benz.
As a young adult, Leming played with multiple bands, including New York based-Riot.
"Playing with Riot was a great time. We were playing hard rock and touring with Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush and Kiss, which had great productions and you could see these legendary bands at their peak. These bands were professionals who knew exactly what they were doing. But watching them night after night, doing the same ‘spontaneous’ bits, you could see how the time and touring turns them into the equivalent of professional wrestling!” he said.
You can learn more about Leming on his page at The Metal Archives and hear him play on videos of Riot on YouTube. 
Then again, you could hear him live. Leming plays locally with The RKs, an R&B, jazz and soul group driven by strong rhythms, vocals and harmonies.